Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Josh's best of 2008

This year was a good year. Throughout the year I have lived with amazing people, travelled the entire west coast, started an amazing job. I have kept up with great friends and made some amazing new ones. I wanted to give some of my personal "best of 2008" list. 

Favorite new albums of 2008
1. Jon Foreman- Spring and Summer
2. Sigur Ros- Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust
3. Coldplay- Viva La Vida
4. Death Cab for Cutie- Narrow Stairs
5. Dave Barnes- Me and You and the World

Favorite books I read in 2008 (not all written in 2008)
1. John Steinbeck- East of Eden
2. Mark Driscoll- Death by Love
3. Malcolm Gladwell- The Tipping Point
4. Dietrich Boenhoffer- The Cost of Discipleship
5. Shane Claiborne- Irresistible Revolution
6. John Piper- Spectacular Sins (I haven't finished yet so I didn't know if I should count it, otherwise it would be higher on the list)

Favorite Movies of 2008
1. U23D
2. Mamma Mia
3. The Dark Night
(I can't come up with 5 good movies in 2008, sorry)

Favorite Moments of 2008
1. Seeing all of my friends again after getting back from San Diego!
2. Getting an internship at the church and absolutely loving it.
3. Leaving for tour (again)!
4. Seeing good friends in Seattle while we were both on tour. 
5. Attending Mars Hill Church for about a month in Seattle.
6. Playing Walmart tag in Salem Oregon.
7. Firepits (all of them)
8. Once again getting to sit outside with my roommates and discuss Jesus every night (almost)
9. Seeing close friends again for the first time in a really long time (those that had moved away)
10. My first worship service at The Village after I returned home, amazing. 
(This would have included a political moment but being that I live in Texas I deemed it unwise)

Those are a few of the amazing amazing things that have happened this year. I really do think i have changed. I have seen Christ work a huge amount in me. I've learned the depths of my selfishness, pride, idolatry, and anger among many other things. But in learning that I have seen Christ remind me that His grace is sufficient to cover those things. Because He took my sins on the cross, I can have life despite all of the stupid crap that I have done in 2008. 

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lacyann said...

Hah! I'm so glad that playing Walmart tag in Salem made your list. No doubt it was a good time!

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